Planet MinE-V, DIN L, 835 mm

13 x 30 mm / 30 x 43 mm | ⇓27 mm | 23 dB

  • ArtNo: 44084L
  • EAN: 7612231014171

Features / versions (depending on options)

Floor surfaces

Possible door types (depending on options)

Planet MinE-V, bevel lip DIN L, 835 mm, can be shortened to 710 mm

Overview of Advantages

  • Drop-down seal for wood and metal doors
  • Especially for Minergie, passive and KfW efficient houses
  • Soundproofing with simultaneous air flow
  • For closed rooms with ventilation / WC / bathroom (air circulation / air balance)
  • Drop height up to 27 mm
  • Joint acoustic insulation of 23 dB with 7 mm ground air
  • Air flow 250 m³/h
  • Measured value 40 m3/h at pressure difference of 3.2 Pa (door width 1050 mm)
  • High-quality silicone lip, lateral protrusion adjustable
  • Easy drop height adjustment
  • Slope compensation for 1000 mm door width: 15 mm
  • Automatic compensation for sloping / uneven floors
  • 7-year warranty

Incl. accessories

Planet assembly set MinE with 2 mounting brackets (stainless steel), 8 screws and stopping plate, type 1

Tender specification

Automatic door drop-down seal Planet MinE-V | 23 dB for soundproof doors with increased air permeability, specially for uneven floors, hinge-side release with automatic compensation for sloping floors, parallel lowering, seal height up to 27 mm, lip made of high-quality silicone, lateral mounting, aluminium profiles 13 x 30 mm / 30 x 43 mm, MinE channel and floor seal equipped with acoustic insulation materials.

Technical data
Groove size30,3 mm wide and 43,5 mm deep / 13,3 mm wide and 30,5 mm deep
Seal profilehigh-quality silicone or high-quality self-extinguishing silicone
Sound absorption valueup to 23 dB at ground air 7 mm
Frame protector platestainless steel, for knocking in, 20 x 20 mm
Fasteningon the side with stainless steel mounting bracket and screws
Can be shortenedmax. 125 mm
Releaseon one side, hinge side
Drop height adjustmenton release pin with 3 mm Allen key
Max. drop height27 mm
Profile size13 x 30 mm / 30 x 43 mm
Profile materialAluminium (both)
Special featuresAir flow 40 m³/h at ventilation length 1050 mm and pressure difference of 3.2 Pa
DIN-directionDIN L (right handed)
Length835 mm
can be shortened to>710 mm