Planet ZA

15 x 30 mm | ⇓22 mm | 48 dB

Features / versions (depending on options)

Floor surfaces

Possible door types (depending on options)

Overview of Advantages

  • Drop-down seal for wooden, metal and PVC doors
  • Drop height up to 22 mm
  • Sound absorption level up to 48 dB with optimal sealing
  • Deeper recess allows for protection of the silicone lip
  • Door bottom can be adjusted without seal removal
  • Unilateral and silent actuation
  • No scraping / trailing on the floor, thanks to parallel drop
  • Automatic compensation for sloping / uneven floors
  • High-quality silicone lip, lateral protrusion adjustable
  • Easy drop height adjustment
  • Can be shortened to the next smaller stock length
  • 7-year warranty

Incl. accessories

Planet assembly set, incl. 2 mounting brackets (stainless), 4 screws and frame protector plate, type 1 (stainless steel)

Tender specification

Automatic door drop-down seal Planet ZA RD | 48 dB, for sound and smoke-shielding protection doors, hinge-side triggering with automatic compensation for sloping floors, parallel lowering, seal height up to 22 mm, flush or deeper with lip protection for grooving. Silicone lip, side attachment. Profile made of aluminium 15 x 30 mm.

Automatic door drop-down seal Planet ZA FH+RD | 48 dB, for sound, smoke-shielding and fire-retardant doors, hinge-side release with automatic compensation for sloping floors, parallel lowering, seal height up to 22 mm, flush or deeper with lip protection for grooving. Side attachment, lip made of self-extinguishing silicone. Profile made of aluminium 5 x 30 mm.

Technical data
Groove size15,3 mm wide and 30,5 to 40 mm deep
Seal profilehigh-quality silicone or high-quality self-extinguishing silicone
Sound absorption valueup to 48 dB at ground air 7 mm
Frame protector platestainless steel, for knocking in, 20 x 20 mm
Fasteningwith stainless steel mounting brackets and screws on the side
Can be shortenedmax. 125 mm (335 mm only 115 mm)
Releaseon one side, hinge side
Drop height adjustmenton release pin with 3 mm Allen key
Max. drop height 22 mm
Profile size15 x 30 mm
Profile materialaluminium
Variants that can be ordered
Order number
can be shortened to
Order placement information
100040smoke-shielding400 mm
100034smoke-shielding335 mm>220 mm
100046smoke-shielding460 mm>335 mm
100059smoke-shielding585 mm>460 mm
100071smoke-shielding710 mm>585 mm
100084smoke-shielding835 mm>710 mm
100096smoke-shielding960 mm>835 mm
100109smoke-shielding1085 mm>960 mm
100121smoke-shielding1210 mm>1085 mm
100134smoke-shielding1335 mm>1210 mm
100146smoke-shielding1460 mm>1335 mm
100600smoke-shielding<6000 mmper running meter
101040fire-retardant+smoke-shielding400 mmno function
101034fire-retardant+smoke-shielding335 mm>220 mm
101046fire-retardant+smoke-shielding460 mm>335 mm
101059fire-retardant+smoke-shielding585 mm>460 mm
101071fire-retardant+smoke-shielding710 mm>585 mm
101084fire-retardant+smoke-shielding835 mm>710 mm
101096fire-retardant+smoke-shielding960 mm>835 mm
101109fire-retardant+smoke-shielding1085 mm>960 mm
101121fire-retardant+smoke-shielding1210 mm>1085 mm
101134fire-retardant+smoke-shielding1335 mm>1210 mm
101146fire-retardant+smoke-shielding1460 mm>1335 mm
101600fire-retardant+smoke-shielding<6000 mmper running meter
Suitable options
Order number
900926Planet hole Ø10 mm for Planet ZA (specify backset)
Planet drill hole Ø10 mm for Planet ZA, suitable for driving bar rod Ø10 mm
900914Lip extension (+8 mm)
Lip extension (+8 mm), Planet HS, FT and ZA
900606Antibacterial silicone lip
Antibacterial equipment of the sealing lip, only for round lips, Planet HS, FT, ZA
900200Cut to fixed size
Cut to fixed dimensions, all Planet types except KG, MinE
900913Silicone-free TPE version
Silicone-free TPE version (only for round lips, certificate on request)
900440Silicon protrusion
Silicone projection, hinge side: x mm; lock side: y mm, for all Planet types