Planet Socle

22 x 69 mm

Features / versions (depending on options)

Floor surfaces

Possible door types (depending on options)

Overview of Advantages

  • Fits Planet FT, RF, GH
  • Ideal for retrofitting existing doors
  • Easy installation, mounted on the door leaf
  • For all doors that cannot be grooved, e.g. in steel or aluminium, the Planet Socle can be used
  • Very quickly and easily retrofittable in existing installations or for renovation purposes
  • 7-year warranty

Incl. accessories

Mounting kit with screws and cover plates

Tender specification

Planet Socle for new and existing doors, bolted on the side.

Technical data
Fasteningon the side with enclosed screws, mounting holes prepared in the Planet Socle
Can be shortenedmax. 100 mm
Profile size22 x 69 mm
Profile materialaluminium
Surfacesilver anodised EV1
Variants that can be ordered
Order number
can be shortened to
Order placement information
19034Planet Socle for FT and RF350 mm>220 mm
19045Planet Socle for FT and RF450 mm>350 mm
19055Planet Socle for FT and RF550 mm>450 mm
19065Planet Socle for FT and RF650 mm>550 mm
19075Planet Socle for FT and RF750 mm>650 mm
19085Planet Socle for FT and RF850 mm>750 mm
19095Planet Socle for FT and RF950 mm>850 mm
19105Planet Socle for FT and RF1050 mm>950 mm
19115Planet Socle for FT and RF1150 mm>1050 mm
19125Planet Socle for FT and RF1250 mm>1150 mm
19135Planet Socle for FT and RF1350 mm>1250 mm
19145Planet Socle for FT and RF1450 mm>1350 mm
19600Planet Socle for FT and RF<6000 mmper running meter
900438Planet Socle for GH (without cover plates)335-6000 mmper running meter
Suitable options
Order number
900923Profiles in special colours
Profiles with special colors, anodized (EURAS) or powder coated (RAL / DB / NCS), for Planet Socle, Planet KG, Planet F threshold plates (cover plates are not available in special colors), other colors on request
900200Cut to fixed size
Cut to fixed dimensions, all Planet types except KG, MinE
900915Drop-down seal, top installation
Drop-down seal installation at the top, for all Planet types
Accessories/Individual parts
Order number
19010Cover plates for Planet Socle
Cover plates for Planet Socle, incl. screws, pair, left / right, grey
900424Planet stopping block, 1 set
Planet stopping block, 1 set, suitable for Planet Socle and Planet KG-S narrow, DIN L (right handed) / DIN R (left handed) applicable
Planet BT floor separation threshold
Planet F hollow flat rail