Planet BM Ø10 mm floor strike

Features / versions (depending on options)

Possible door types (depending on options)

Overview of Advantages

  • floor strike suitable for Ø 10 mm drive rod
  • 3 models available for corrections of ± 4 mm (see dimension C)
  • Also available as set of 3, 0 mm, ±2 mm, ±4 mm
  • Very easy to adjust
  • Tight guide, no rattling
  • Including sliding surface for automatically locking locks
  • Suitable for sound, smoke-shielding and fire protection elements
  • Bag closed, easy to clean
  • Easy installation, no special tools required
  • Material made of stainless steel / plastic
  • Surface ground
  • Invisible under the door

Tender specification

Planet BM 10 mm floor strike, suitable for driving bar rods 10 mm, in acoustic insulation, smoke-shielding, fire and escape doors, adjustable ± 4 mm, stainless steel design, polished surface.

Technical data
MaterialStainless steel / plastic
Dimension housing53 x 80 mm, Muldemass 11 x 24 mm
FasteningWith 4 screws Ø 4,5 – 6 mm (provided by the customer, must not protrude)
Special featuresAdjustable +4 mm, +2 mm, 0 mm, -2 mm, -4 mm (depending on version)
Variants that can be ordered
Order number
900276-0Planet BM Ø10 mm floor strike, Type 0 mm offset, INOX
900276-4Planet BM Ø10 mm floor strike, Type 4 mm offset, INOX
900276-2Planet BM Ø10 mm floor strike, Type 2 mm offset, INOX
900276Planet BM Ø10 mm floor strike set Ø10, INOX, 3-piece (type 0, 2 and 4 mm offset)